by Mark Haranas

World Wide Technology has been hiring thousands of net new employees over the past several years as the IT superstar continues to receive praise for its culture and employee-focused strategy, including earning a spot on Fortune's 100 Best Companies to Work For.

WWT's CEO and longtime leader, Jim Kavanaugh, says his company is "leaning into" allowing his roughly 8,000 employees to work virtually or in some type of hybrid workforce model for the foreseeable future.

This flexible employee strategy is aimed at creating the most attractive work environment possible and to keep its 8,000-strong workforce from potentially looking elsewhere during what is being dubbed 'The Great Resignation' era.

"CEOs have to think deeply about, 'What does this new model look like? And based on your business, how far do you lean into workforce flexibility? And how much do you need people to be in office?'" Kavanaugh said in an interview with CRN. "There's different CEOs and executive teams taking different stances on that. We're being as flexible as we can."

There are some WWT employees in certain jobs—such as those working in physical distribution, logistics and manufacturing facilities across the globe—who will need to be in-person to perform their jobs.

"But, in all, the majority of the other jobs, we've taken a much more flexible position," said Kavanaugh.



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