World Wide Technology takes on industry challenges for service providers and enterprises

WWT's Neil Anderson speaks to FierceTelecom about the ATC and our work in the telecommunications industry.

Posted by FierceTelecom on January 16, 2019:

As a systems integrator, World Wide Technology (WWT) has its finger in just about all of the telecommunications pies due to ongoing work in its lab.

WWT was founded in 1990 as a small product reseller company, but it has grown into a technology solutions provider with $10.4 billion in annual revenue and more than 5,000 employees.

While WWT is somewhat closed-mouthed about some of the service providers that it works with in its Advanced Technology Center (ATC) labs, which are used for product demonstrations, proofs of concept, building reference architectures and other tasks, it counts Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Dell EMC, F5 Networks, and HPE among its vendor customers.

“There are probably about 200, 300 different OEMs that we do regular business with, so most of Silicon Valley,” said WWT’s Neil Anderson, practice manager of mobility, access and IoT solutions, in an interview with FierceTelecom. “We are a systems integrator that focuses on a lot of different spaces in IT; everything from networking to security collaboration, software development, cloud and data center.

“We help very large organizations with everything from upfront consulting about what they may need, and what are the different transitions that need to happen for the business outcomes that their C-levels are looking for, all the way to mass deployment at scale for them.”

WWT’s market segments include large global service providers, large enterprise customers and public sector customers, according to Anderson.

As service providers travel down their virtualization pathways, they have three basic choices for their transformations: do the work internally, work with a system integrator or adopt open source technologies. Service providers can mix and match those choices as they see fit, but Anderson said WWT works behind the scenes in its labs with even the do-it-yourself service providers.

“You’d be surprised to learn that even some of the major global service providers used us as the back end for a lot of what they are doing themselves,” Anderson said. “You’d be surprised that we are a big logistics arm and integrator in the back end helping those guys to scale their businesses.”

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