This year, Global Recycling Day was recognized on March 18, 2022. It's a reminder to look at the items we throw away as an opportunity rather than waste -- a step that can help preserve our planet. 

As a creative way to bring awareness to this day, WWT invited its employees to participate in a "Do It Yourself" challenge -- a fun and friendly competition where employees were tasked with creating a pen stand or organization box for their workstation using recycling materials. 

Entries came in from employees around the globe, showcasing some hidden arts and crafts talent! These entries featured materials around the home and office, such as chip cans, cake jars, takeout food containers, bottles, napkins and newspapers, demonstrating that even items we might consider waste can be upcycled into something useful. 

The winners for the challenge were Shruity Govil, Software Engineer, and Leslie Steven, Safety Specialist. Each winner received a diary made from recycled materials as their prize.

Shruity Govil's entries: Left image - pen stand made from cake jars; right image - pen stand made from using newspapers (quilling)
Leslie Steven's entries: Left image - pen stand made from a Pringles can; right image: pen stand made from popsicle sticks