by Larry Walsh, Channelnomics

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) are evolving at a rapid pace. Analysts and advocates believe that AI and its related technologies will significantly transform markets and channels within the next 12 to 18 months. In the next five years, it's projected that up to 25 million jobs will be displaced, with AI modifying 90% of all jobs.

However, the full integration of AI, machine learning, and other advanced systems into the market is expected to take years. While AI holds immense potential for enhancing operational efficiency in numerous organizational and workplace tasks, the majority of companies, ranging from large enterprises to SMBs, lack the foundational infrastructure, organization, and talent to fully leverage this technology.

World Wide Technology, commonly known as WWT, acknowledges both the future opportunities and current limitations in the AI sector. The company is investing $500 million over the next three years to strengthen its AI capabilities and develop a comprehensive value proposition in anticipation of growing customer demand for guidance, products, and services in this field.

WWT, an integrator with more than $20 billion in annual revenue, currently has a data management practice, but it's still in the process of developing practical AI applications in specific industries and customer scenarios. 

He emphasizes that effectively addressing AI opportunities involves understanding the technology, creating practical applications, and developing supportive services.

WWT is focusing on four key areas in its AI development:

  • AI labs development: Building a dedicated team and infrastructure to develop and test AI use cases applicable to various industries and customer needs
  • AI tools development: Utilizing existing intellectual property to create and refine AI tools that will enhance other technology deployments
  • Talent acquisition and development: Recruiting individuals skilled in AI and training current staff, preparing for the anticipated demand for future AI products and services
  • Brand development: Investing in marketing and promotions to raise awareness of its evolving AI capabilities, both internally and externally

Initial use cases include developing large language model (LLM) tools and bots to enhance customer support and experiences.


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