WWT Recognized on UK's Best Workplaces in IT List

The UK's Best Workplaces in IT organization has recognized World Wide Technology (WWT) as #2 in the Small Business category.

October 19, 2017 2 minute read

The UK's Best Workplaces in IT organization has recognized World Wide Technology (WWT) as #2in the Small Business category.

Posted by Great Place to Work:

What are IT companies doing right?

The IT sector is an incredibly important, and growing, sector in the UK economy. Our research shows that IT organisations are outperforming other sectors in the levels of  trust and engagement  in their organisations. They have strong workplace cultures where innovation and collaboration are encouraged and rewarded, where people enjoy working together, have pride in what they do and who they work for and are committed to deliver their best. They demonstrate good practice - even centres of excellence - in managing key HR issues such as recruitment and retention, as well as addressing the specific problem of attracting more women to the sector. As a result, IT Best Workplaces are likely to be more competitive and more successful than their peers. Indeed, independent research shows that Best Workplaces outperform the market by 2-3% a year, over a 25 year period.

As top employers in the sector, these best-in-class organisations show how they are leading the way in building great organisational cultures, attracting and keeping the right people and innovating from the bottom up. You can read more about how they do it in our report here.

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