WWT UK Team Ranks on CRN's Top VAR's 2016 List

WWT's UK operation ranked No. 21 on CRN's Top VAR's 2016 List, which is limited to B2B suppliers.

December 14, 2016 50 second read

WWT's UK Team ranked No. 21 on CRN's Top VAR's 2016 List. This year’s top 100 range from volume e-tailers all the way up to business consultancies that brand themselves as resellers, VARs, integrators, IT solutions providers, MSPs, IT suppliers and consultancies.

This list is limited to B2B suppliers and the profiles in this report were compiled largely using publicly available information in Companies House and our own archives. The revenue number that forms the basis of the rankings has been drawn from each firm’s latest set of annual accounts (as of early November 2016).

Posted by CRN channelweb.co.uk:

This US-headquartered systems integrator turned over $7.4bn last year, with around $1bn coming from international business. It launched a UK operation in 2012 and we estimate it is now selling $175m (£139m) of hardware, software and services in the UK annually. See our Q&A with European director Ben Boswell (p6) for more.

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