by Mark Haranas, CRN

While many IT companies are laying off employees, channel superstar World Wide Technology expects to hire up to 700 new employees in 2023.

"Overall, we have a budget to hire 500, 600, 700 people next year," WWT CEO Jim Kavanaugh told CRN.

"We will be very, very cautious and slow to do that in the first six months of the year," said Kavanaugh, who has led the $15 billion St. Louis-based company for over 30 years. "We'll be wanting to see how things are progressing in January, February and March before we start pulling the trigger on some of those new hires."

Kavanaugh is expecting sales growth at WWT in 2023 to help spur the hiring spree even with some economic uncertainty ahead.

"We are being cautious going into next year just based on a lot of the macroeconomic trends," said WWT's CEO. "We're still reeling from supply chain issues, but that's starting to free up. You can see a lot of the products starting to ship. Our backlog is up going into next year across every sector that we have—so that's very positive."

WWT currently has more than 8,000 employees in more than 55 offices around the world.



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