Securing 5G with Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto 5G Native Security

Secure your place in tomorrow's digital economy running on 5G.

The broad scope and reach of 5G comes with increased exposure to a wider spectrum of security threats as the number of cloud interfaces and end points susceptible to attack will grow exponentially. 

5G infrastructure is distributed, cloud-native and designed to dynamically launch new services or scale up capacity based on customers' needs as fast as they need it. Protecting these increasingly sophisticated and dynamically evolving networks is vital, but complex – until now.

Palo Alto 5G-Native Security

Palo Alto Networks' 5G-native security offering delivers granular security for highly-distributed, cloud-native 5G networks, and includes containerized 5G security, real-time correlation of threats to 5G user and device identifiers and 5G network slice security.

Benefits and outcomes:

For enterprises, extend zero trust to your 5G environment.

Benefits and outcomes:

Enterprise-grade security for your 5G environment

Confidently take advantage of new 5G capabilities by protecting your business-critical data in 5G environments with a simple but complete enterprise-grade security instead of limited or no security controls over 5G traffic.

Benefits and outcomes:

Unprecedented mobile traffic control

Respond to security events faster by identifying and isolating infected devices in real time instead of trying to make sense of traffic flows not mapped to users and devices.

For service providers, maximize your 5G investment with 5G-native security.

Zero trust

Reduce risk towards your 5G infrastructure by leveraging industry's only granular, at-scale, real-time 5G security controls instead of only covering some network layers and some protocols. 

Cloud security

Protect your telco cloud by leveraging industry's only comprehensive cloud native security platform instead of leaving gaps and blind spots in securing your cloud-based network functions.


Launch new services faster with security that keeps up with your dynamic 5G service orchestration through open APIs instead of slow, manual, error-prone configuration processes.

Revenue innovation

Tailor security services for each enterprise customer and create new revenue streams with network slice and multi-access edge computing security.

Palo Alto Networks' 5G-Native Security mapped to WWT's Converged Edge Platform (CEP)

Reference architecture:

Use cases

Product details

Main products:

Product details

ML-powered NGFW for 5G

  • All layers and locations
  • Granular security policy
  • Cloud automation support
  • Slice, MEC and private network security
  • Subscriber and device security
  • VM Series and CN Series
Product details

Prisma Cloud

  • Protect 5G CNFs
  • Host and container security
  • Public or private telco clouds
  • CI/CD lifecycle security
Product details

Cortex XSOAR

  • Triage 5G events in the SOC
  • Manage 5G security incidents
  • Map 5G events to subscriber
  • SOC workflow orchestration
  • Remediate infected devices
  • Automation playbooks

Cloud-Delivered Security Services and Supporting Products

ML-powered NGFW for 5G

Threat Prevention

URL Filtering


Domain Name System

Internet of Things

Data Loss Prevention

WWT capabilities

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WWT & Palo Alto Networks Partnership

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