Partner Spotlight: CloudBolt

CloudBolt (formerly SovLabs) and WWT: Improving Infrastructure Integrations to Deliver Greater Automation

WWT collaborates with CloudBolt OneFuse to simplify and improve IT infrastructure automation though codeless integrations and a reduction of custom code.

As companies continue to make the shift towards more cloud infrastructure, teams are under mounting pressure to find efficient and cost-effective solutions to address automation challenges around a growing number of clouds, toolsets and teams. Expensive and expertise required custom integration projects seem like the only path. There is a better way…

CloudBolt OneFuse is the next evolution of SovLabs and delivers cloud automation through abstracting underlying integration complexity and presenting varying cloud infrastructure integrations as services that can be re-used again and again. Policy ensures governance conformity, and you don’t need domain or coding expertise. Build processes faster and get more done with pluggable and modular integration services.

To learn more about our CloudBolt OneFuse capabilities, speak with an expert or to take advantage of what we have in our labs, please complete our Contact Us form.

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