Partner Spotlight: Seagate

Modern HPC Depends on a Solid IT Foundation — WWT and Seagate Deliver

High performance computing (HPC) has always played a crucial role in scientific advancements. Today, applying HPC is one of the top trends in businesses across vertical markets. Fueled by the abundance of business data, machine learning applications and automated processes, manufacturing companies are racing to use HPC to outpace competition.

WWT learned from working directly with our customers for years that what they needed most in order to stand up HPC capabilities in their manufacturing environment was an all-in-one solution — one that combines historically disaggregated components from hardware to software to analytics.

WWT now delivers a platform that delivers true “Fusion Computing,” a truly aggregated architecture of hardware and software that can be easily deployed in your manufacturing environment. Teamed with Seagate, a leading data management company for over 40 years, the Fusion Computing architecture is powered by secure, reliable, highly performant storage systems that your business can trust to manage one of your most valuable business assets: data.

WWT will work with you to identify the data capacity and performance needs and deploy the right solution for your business with Seagate’s trusted hardware at the foundation.

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