Brian has worked at WWT for more than 16 years serving in many different capacities ranging from field engineering, technology solutions management, professional services leadership and currently as the VP of advanced technology focused on engineering and innovation. Some of his notable career accomplishments include the development of WWT’s first iteration of what are now known as our global Integration Centers, as well as providing leadership and support in the rapid growth of WWT’s Cisco relationship from $18M in 2001 to over $3B in 2014.


After transitioning from professional services to business development in 2011, Brian has focused on leading the engineering and innovation team responsible for WWT’s collaboration, mobility, enterprise networking and lifecycle services practices. Brian and his team take responsibility for the development of new solutions and reference architectures in these areas as well as all associated practice leadership activities such as OEM alignment, field enablement and support, lab services and brand management surrounding these technologies and solutions.


Brian holds a BS in Business Administration and a minor in MIS from the University of Missouri – St. Louis.