Carl Dubois came to WWT with extensive expertise in application delivery, NAS storage, networked application performance management and virtualization/automation. He currently serves as a Technical Solutions Architect in the global networking solutions practice.

Q&A with Carl Dubois

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
After completion of a degree in Electrical Engineering, I started my career in compliance, which introduced me to the world of software automation. With the expansion of Internet infrastructure technologies, my career took me to the Boston area, working in test and development for varying technology protocols. From optical transport to Internet protocol routing to application management, my goal was to span the entire OSI stack, resulting in a position to offer solutions to customers in many vertical markets. As my career began to take shape, my goals shifted to learn more about how technologies impact business, so I decided to pursue an MBA with a minor in Computer Science from Southern New Hampshire University. Upon completion, I moved into multiple leadership roles, working with project teams driving technology direction.
Describe your role at WWT.
As a Technical Solutions Architect within the network solutions practice, my position within the IT automation space has led me to build process around product development for application services automation. In line with this, I am working with multiple OEMs to develop solutions around WWT customers’ business technology requirements. Key focus areas are around simplifying application development and deployment, extending from private to public environments.
What innovation is happening in WWT Advanced Technology/Network Solutions that has you really excited?
The evolution of how applications are developed and deployed in IT environments is really an enabler for business, as applications continue to change based on feedback from analytics. Because this is happening at a rapid pace, the services that support these applications must align. How to augment technology and process to meet the objective of alignment is the challenge I look forward to solving.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that lead to solving a problem.
Customers continuously ask how to map tasks back to a central location used to identify who, what, where and when. Using LDAP authentication services and roles which define tasks as part of central management, a customer can track who is executing a particular task at any point in time. This has saved an administrator time that is normally spent digging for details.