Ivan has close to 20 years of Information Technology experience and has held various leadership positions in the areas of business development, management and engineering. He’s been with WWT for eight years, during which Ivan has held six different roles starting as a PS delivery engineer in Alaska to his current position as Practice Manager for End User Compute.

Q&A with Ivan Wintersteiger

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
The story began with the Pan-Am flight over to USA to become an exchange student. I got into programming my senior year of high school and continued with that throughout college, where I earned degree in Computer Science, among two other degrees. While at college, I got a job helping in the computer center where I learned about the hardware aspect (PCs, printers, network) of computers/technology. The next step came with me getting a job for a healthcare system and ultimately becoming the lead network engineer for the whole system. My entry into the Cisco and collaboration world came when I moved back to Croatia and became Cisco Certified Instructor with emphasis on collaboration. After that, I became a manager responsible for a managed services group at the leading Cisco partner in Croatia. With the desire to move back to US, my next step was 8+ interviews with WWT, which resulted in a job offer to be a PS Delivery Engineer as part of the State of Alaska project. And the rest is history…
What is your role in WWT?
Practice Manager, End User Compute
What innovation is happening in collaboration that has you really excited?
Workplace transformation experience and the whole emphasis shift to the experience in general. All the systems, tools, and applications are developed with end-user experience in mind. We are also seeing this spill over into mobility and IoT and truly becoming a cross-technology movement. One of the highlights of this is a cloud-based platform called Cisco Webex teams, which was designed from ground up with open standards and APIs in mind. This gives us capabilities to create additional automation and integration for our customers providing them with even more business value out of their technology investment.
Describe a recent interaction with customer that led to solving a problem.
As collaboration emphasis moves more toward the experience—either workforce or customer— we met with executives from a large healthcare system and spent time discussing how we can improve both experiences for them. We opened that discussion with the Integrated Meeting demo highlighting the new meeting experience starting with meeting setup and ending with follow-up. During the demo, we used multiple technologies and solutions that worked seamlessly together delivering an amazing experience and ease of use. The demo, discussion, and POC that followed resonated tremendously as it demonstrated to the customer how to solve their current (poor) meeting experience.