Jeff brings 20 years of experience in routing and switching, wireless, data center, service provider, and automation/programmability to WWT. Jeff’s accomplishments since joining WWT include network design leadership in key large customers, development of several Advanced Technology Center environments geared towards both internal and external education, and lab automation using Python and Ansible.

Q&A with Jeff Andiorio.

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
While serving as an Air Traffic Controller in the USAF, I was given many additional duties that infected me with the technology bug. I was fortunate to be able to help migrate the services on base from Banyan Vines to Windows NT, upgrade clients from Windows 3.x to Windows 95/Windows NT and several others. Learning how all these systems connected and enabled our operations was exciting and ultimately led me to a complete shift in focus to the technology field. I am passionate about continuously learning and after 20 years still enjoy reading a good RFC.
Describe your role at WWT.
Learn. Develop. Automate. Share.
Today, my role at WWT includes ingesting the newest technologies and producing consumable environments in the ATC that help others learn by enabling them to make the right choices for their solution. I then automate the new capabilities and share them with our customers, both internally and externally.
My passion for continuous learning merged with the desire to share drives me to deliver my goals.
What innovation is happening in WWT Advanced Technology/Network Solutions that has you really excited?
Innovation Pods. The idea is to build cross-functional, cross-OEM, full end-to-end solutions that represent real customer challenges. This is a major differentiator for WWT. One example of an innovation pod is the Enterprise Segmentation Pod where the team is working to develop an enterprise networking segmentation blueprint that spans from the campus to the data center. The resulting reference architecture will illustrate how to solve the segmentation problem across the enterprise campus, the wide area network and in the data center.
In addition to answer the technical questions, the cross-functional teams assembled in the innovation pods are a great example of tearing down the silos across groups within the enterprise.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that lead to solving a problem.
Solving problems can sometimes be an iterative process where the answer to one question generates more questions. I have been working with a customer over several sessions investigating the area of network automation. I have been able to answer questions through demonstration guiding them towards a final approach to network automation.