Jim Kavanaugh is the co-founder and CEO of World Wide Technology. Kavanaugh and his proven management team have guided WWT from a small start-up technology company into a world-class organization.

Q&A with Jim Kavanaugh on Innovation

What does the word “innovation” mean to you?
Innovation is all about creating new ideas, services, solutions and products that drive value for our customers and partners. Innovation doesn’t happen overnight. It requires a lot of hard work, passion and a desire to be the best.
How is WWT innovating today? Can you give an example of how you think WWT has been particularly innovative?
I think we have been innovative in a number of different areas. Operationally, our Global team has been very creative and innovative building out our global supply chain platform along with our global integration centers. The acquisition of Asynchrony was an innovative approach to building out holistic hardware and software solutions for our customers. The ATC is another area loaded with innovation. We have built out a number of innovative labs that have differentiated WWT in the eyes of our customers and partners.
How do you think we can improve?
We can improve by driving a culture of innovation that touches all our employees in every area of our business. Innovation should not be isolated to just IT and engineering.
Who or what is your biggest inspiration to be innovative? Are there any people or companies you think are doing it exceptionally well?
My biggest inspiration is the desire to continuously improve and strive to be the best. I think Apple and Tesla are doing a great job innovating. I just read the book on Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. He is a serial innovator and entrepreneur who has been involved with a number of very innovative and successful companies (Paypal, Spacex and Tesla). His work ethic, drive, passion and desire to innovate are very impressive.

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