Mark Wall has nearly 10 years of professional experience in large scale routing, data center networking and is currently focusing on application delivery. Since joining World Wide Technology, Mark’s focus is to grow the application delivery solution offerings that customers can leverage.

Q&A with Mark Wall

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I started my career in technology while in high school providing IT services to an online insurance business. While studying computer science in college, I found an internship which resulted in full-time employment supporting network infrastructure after graduation. With a passion for technology and helping others, I also taught several network and security courses through a local college.

What is your role at WWT?

Currently my role at WWT is to lead application delivery solutions, educate customers on architecture decisions, work closely with industry partners and alignment of professional services offerings. I also develop and showcase the integrated application delivery solutions within our Advanced Technology Center.

What innovation is happening in application delivery that has you really excited?
Security services and programmability are becoming so paramount it is changing the industry. Gone are the days of traditional load balancing and technical silos, organizations are now faced with providing granular per user and per application security services while maintaining an outstanding user experience. Organizations behind the scenes configuring these service offerings are realizing the human latency in manual configuration and embracing the benefits of automation through programmability.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
Recently, many customers have been challenged with creating private cloud architectures and understanding the integration of application delivery controllers. By showcasing the power of central management and programmability, we were able to help customers realize the operational savings. The human latency factor is a perfect opportunity to accelerate IT by embracing programmability and automation.