Theresa Kratschmer is a User Experience Designer and has worked at WWT since 2014. She loves combining technology and creativity to come up with new solutions to complex problems. She is part of Toastmasters and WWT’s Women in Technology Group. Theresa takes every opportunity she can to give back and help bridge the gender gap in technology; she is currently working with the Hawthorn Leadership School for Girls Mentorship Program and mentors the UX Track at LaunchCode’s CoderGirl Program. She lives in St. Louis and loves exploring the city and being active in art, UX and design communities.

Q&A with Theresa Kratschmer

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I graduated from St. Mary’s College with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and concentrations in Printmaking, Photography and Graphic Design. After graduation, I moved to St. Louis from northern Illinois and worked at two small design agencies before making my way to WWT.
What is your role at WWT?
I work with the development teams to design digital interfaces and experiences for internal custom applications. I also get to design logos, apparel, announcements, web sites and even murals for WWT.