Yoni Malchi is a Senior Engagement Manager in the management consulting practice at WWT. Yoni holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Pennsylvania State University and possesses expertise in financial services, telecommunications and sensor analytics in the mining and oil and gas industries.

Q&A with Yoni Malchi

Tell us about your background and how you got into technology.
I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and started my career doing analytical work for the Air Force and NASA at a company called the Aerospace Corporation. I spent most of my time crunching numbers to be able to predict how the first stage rockets will perform during satellite launches and investigating any anomalies that may have occurred during launch. After working in that industry for about 4 years, I realized that I enjoyed the analytical work, but my passion was more on the people/process side of the house and taking on leadership roles within a technical organization. This led to a career change, and I moved more into an analytics consulting role, covering financial services and telecom at Opera Solutions. After spending 2 years at Opera leading teams that were building predictive analytics models, I had the opportunity to join other former Opera folks at WWT and round out my education by learning more about the technology that allows the data and analytical models to come to life. At WWT, I became fascinated with how the entire stack is built and its ability to make or break a company’s ability to leverage the vast amounts of data at their fingertips! I left WWT for two years to go to JPMC and work at their Intelligent Solutions group. There, I was able to see first-hand how technology, data and business all came together inside a large organization. I recently “boomeranged” back to WWT, and I am excited to continue my education in the technology space and help drive business with interesting customers!
What is your role at WWT?
I am a Senior Engagement Manager in the Management Consulting practice, where I focus on delivering strategy, digital transformation and/or big data engagements with customers. I have worked across a number of industries including financial services, mining, healthcare and state government and also spend a good amount of time helping drive our partnership with NVIDIA and deep learning know-how.
What innovation is happening in your technology focus area that has you really excited?
From a technology perspective, I am truly excited about all of the innovation happening around incorporating deep learning into business processes. There is a ton of greenfield opportunity in building out optimal architectures that tie data lakes to deep learning environments and how these deep learning models can be leveraged to improve a company’s bottom line.
Describe a recent interaction with a customer that led to solving a problem.
A healthcare company I am currently working with is struggling with standardizing how they build and deploy platforms to host applications enterprise-wide. We are helping them build out an Enterprise Architecture team and their “blueprinting” process, which will be a key artifact in driving this standardization. This will allow everyone in the company to understand why they are building what they are building, how it will affect the business and expedite the decision and build process.