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TEC37 is WWT's weekly video podcast series. Not a new series, just a new host. Tune in as Robb Boyd speaks with various WWT experts about topics in the fields of technology, education or collaboration; all the IT you can eat in 37 minutes... unless the conversation is just too good and needs more time! Check back for a new episode each week.
TEC37 E20: Risks and Benefits of Hybrid Work
37:05125 Plays
Join host Robb Boyd and a cross-architecture panel of WWT thought leaders from Security, Digital Strategy and Digital Workspace as they introduce the Hybrid Work spectrum, and help organizations better understand both the risks and benefits that long-term remote working presents. “Hybrid Work” as a term has taken on new meaning since the pandemic. Hybrid work refers to organizations bringing some workers back to the physical company workplace while other worker groups remain working from home, as well as giving workers the choice to alternate between working at a company site and working remotely. In this episode, we introduce the hybrid work spectrum as a framework to help IT leaders prioritize the competing demands of optimizing for remote work and being ready for returning workers.
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Total Time: 12:14:47
TEC37 E20: Risks and Benefits of Hybrid Work
37:05125 Plays
TEC37 E19: Rapid Insights for an Optimized Data Center Environment
36:4869 Plays
TEC37 E18: Routing and Optical Technologies, Converged
39:3463 Plays
TEC37 E17 Overcoming Cloud Security Challenges
43:0664 Plays
TEC37 E16: Top Considerations When Building Your Security Architecture
38:37257 Plays
TEC37 E15: Leveraging Cisco Products to Build an AIOps Ecosystem
39:2169 Plays
TEC37 E14: How Cybersecurity Becomes a Business Enabler
34:38111 Plays
TEC37 E13: Cisco ACI, VMware NSX or Both?
40:18327 Plays
TEC37 E12: Key Trends in Storage & Data Protection
40:0074 Plays
TEC37 E11: The Future of Network Architecture
41:42147 Plays
TEC37 E10: A Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity
39:52160 Plays
TEC37 E09: Why Vendor Lock-in is the Best Strategy for SDDC
41:1183 Plays
TEC37 E08: Securing AI Models
36:1863 Plays
TEC37 E07: Why SDDC May Be Right for Your Organization
42:05113 Plays
TEC37 E05: Enabling Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud VMware Engine
38:33165 Plays
TEC37 E04: AIOps and the Current State of Today’s Technology
39:19138 Plays
TEC37 E03: Reopening in the "New Normal"
33:35218 Plays
TEC37 E02: AIOps & App Loyalty
32:2894 Plays
TEC37 E01: Breeding Unicorn Employees
40:17189 Plays
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