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TEC37 is WWT's weekly video podcast series. Not a new series, just a new host. Tune in as Robb Boyd speaks with various WWT experts about topics in the fields of technology, education or collaboration; all the IT you can eat in 37 minutes... unless the conversation is just too good and needs more time! Check back for a new episode each week.
TEC37 E14: How Cybersecurity Becomes a Business Enabler
34:3849 Plays
Making security investments based on the current threat landscape is a no-win situation for today’s CISOs. With a never-ending sea of threats, CISOs need to take a different approach, one that manages risk based on business goals and objectives.
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Total Time: 8:48:06
TEC37 E14: How Cybersecurity Becomes a Business Enabler
34:3849 Plays
TEC37 E13: Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, or both?
40:1876 Plays
TEC37 E12: Key Trends in Storage & Data Protection
40:0041 Plays
TEC37 E11: The Future of Network Architecture
41:4282 Plays
TEC37 E10: A Holistic Approach to CyberSecurity
39:5268 Plays
TEC37 E09: Why Vendor Lock-in is the Best Strategy for SDDC
41:1157 Plays
TEC37 E08: Securing AI Models
36:1845 Plays
TEC37 E07: Why SDDC May Be Right for Your Organization
42:0582 Plays
TEC37 E06: AIOps – A Technical Deep Dive
27:5073 Plays
TEC37 E05: Enabling Hybrid Cloud with Google Cloud VMware Engine
38:3396 Plays
TEC37 E04: AIOps and the Current State of Today’s Technology
39:1980 Plays
TEC37 E03: Reopening in the "New Normal"
33:35162 Plays
TEC37 E02: AIOps & App Loyalty
32:2868 Plays
TEC37 E01: Breeding Unicorn Employees
40:17156 Plays
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