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World Wide Technology and MobiledgeX Partner to Validate Mobile Edge Computing Solution Readiness for Global Operator Edge Deployments

Partnership will enable customers to accelerate global mobile edge computing deployments at scale utilizing certified infrastructure that is immediately ready to monetize by fulfilling next-gen application and device requirements for developers worldwide.

Posted by MobileEdge on February 21, 2019:

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- World Wide Technology (WWT), a leading distributor and integrator of technology from the mobile edge industry’s leading vendors, and Deutsche Telekom-founded MobiledgeX, which is helping operators make edge infrastructure widely accessible and easy to use for third parties, today announced a partnership to validate edge infrastructure being evaluated and implemented by the global operator community.

The partnership will enable mobile operators to quickly and confidently deploy edge services at a global scale to meet the requirements of next-gen applications and devices.

Edge computing is a critical enabler of a new technology value chain that is expanding the types of devices and applications that leverage mobile connectivity.

Network equipment manufacturers will be able to submit edge computing architectures for performance, security and scalability certification in WWT’s state-of-the-art Advanced Technology Center (ATC), a unique multi-vendor testing and validation environment created through over $500 million in investment, and take advantage of WWT’s deep integration and deployment expertise through its global Integration Centers.

WWT’s ATC features MobiledgeX’s R1.0 product release and associated network, device and application interfaces that are live nationwide in Germany within Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile network. WWT and MobiledgeX will certify solutions capable of fulfilling the requirements of existing and future use cases, usage patterns and device types, while optimizing for utilization and predictable service levels so customers can begin monetizing the solutions on day one.

MobiledgeX is helping operators aggregate the capacity and processing power of existing 4G and new 5G infrastructure to rapidly roll out nationwide edge networks to support innovative new mobile services.

WWT, a leading distributor and integrator for the world’s largest IT equipment manufacturers, will conduct pre-validation and certification testing with the solutions, and MobiledgeX’s edge technology and edge services to ensure the best possible commercial addressability when placed in mobile edge networks.

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