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WWT's Big Data Analytics Infrastructure Combines Best-of-Breed Hardware, Software and Services to Optimize the Data Warehouse, Increasing Analytics Potential While Lowering Costs

ST. LOUIS and NEW YORK – October 14, 2014 –World Wide Technology, Inc. (WWT), a market-leading systems integrator that provides innovative technology and supply chain solutions, announced today that it has engineered a Data Warehouse Optimization (DWO) appliance that integrates Hadoop, Cisco and best-in-class data integration software and services to help customers optimize Big Data performance and reduce data warehouse costs. The solution will be on display at Strata + Hadoop World, October 15-17 at the Javits Center in New York, N.Y.

"WWT recognizes that most organizations do not have the time, resources or expertise to evaluate all of the hardware and software solutions required to optimize data warehouse performance," said Bob Olwig, vice president of Business Strategy and Innovation with WWT. "Our Big Data experts and infrastructure engineers have designed and integrated hardware, software and services into a single DWO solution that alleviates performance bottlenecks, allows organizations to take full advantage of their data sets and demonstrates a real return on investment within two months."

The pre-built, validated DWO appliance offloads data preparation and processing transactions to Hadoop and allows data to be captured and analyzed in its native unstructured format. Cisco Systems Unified Computing System provides the foundation for the DWO solution, with a validated architecture that unites compute, network, storage access and virtualization into one cohesive system.

The DWO solution includes components from Appfluent, Informatica, MapR, Cloudera and Hortonworks. Appfluent Visibility software identifies ETL (extract, transform, load) processes and data that can be offloaded to Hadoop for long-term storage and future use. Informatica PowerCenter Big Data Edition offloads data and processing not required for day-to-day functions onto Hadoop. Parallel processing and Hadoop distribution are powered by MapR, Cloudera or Hortonworks, depending on customer preferences.

"A crucial step in any Data Warehouse Optimization solution is the identification of what data and ELT workflows should be offloaded from the data warehouse to Hadoop," said Prem Jain, chief architect for WWT's Big Data Practice. "Appfluent Visibility enables our delivery team to assess the size of the Data Warehouse Optimization opportunity at the beginning of an engagement, and ensure we capture real ROI for our customers."

WWT rounds out the new DWO solution with a range of professional services, including Data Environment Assessments to identify data and associated process candidates for offloading, and integration services complete with connecting the DWO appliance to an established data warehouse and identifying and migrating high-value workflows, tables and reports. All of the components of the WWT DWO appliance can be evaluated hands on through the company's Advanced Technology Center.

Comments on the announcement:

"WWT's DWO appliance with Informatica's Big Data Edition makes it possible to do data integration and quality on Hadoop without requiring Hadoop expertise. The ease of use we deliver accelerates deployments and increases developer productivity up to five times. Informatica is excited to be included in the Data Warehouse Optimization (DWO) appliance that WWT has created to provide an end-to-end analytics solution which eliminates Big Data complexity and speeds time to market," said Todd Goldman, Informatica vice president and general manager of Enterprise Data Integration.

"Large organizations can no longer afford to simply purchase additional storage and servers from legacy database vendors to address their data warehouse performance and capacity limitations," said Frank Gelbart, CEO of Appfluent. "WWT's Data Warehouse Optimization solution delivers the means to address the challenges and costs of Big Data with the modern data warehouse architecture that integrates Hadoop to create a new Logical Data Warehouse."

"MapR is pleased to be part of WWT's new Data Warehouse Optimization solution and working with WWT's big data experts, who are at the forefront of rethinking enterprise data architectures.  The MapR Hadoop distribution is specifically designed for enterprise deployments, providing best-in-class reliability, data protection and performance that enables a reliable system of record for long-term data offload to maximize ROI and business impact," said Jon Posnik, vice president of Business Development, MapR Technologies.

"The emerging strategy of using Hadoop as an enterprise data hub allows organizations to extend the value of their data warehouse infrastructure.  WWT's new appliance helps speed time to value, maximize productivity and minimize risk," said Tim Stevens, vice president Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera.

WWT's Presence at Strata + Hadoop World:

Visit booth #525 to meet WWT experts and key partners Informatica, Appfluent, MapR, Cloudera and Hortonworks during Strata + Hadoop World.  Members of WWT's Big Data Practice will answer questions and conduct solution demonstrations throughout the event using collaboration tools from the company's Advanced Technology Center. WWT will also be presenting "Mining the IoT for Business Value: How WWT Helped One of the Largest Mining Companies Predict Engine Failures," in the Solutions Showcase Theater on Thursday, October 16 at 3:45 p.m.

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