Professional Services Intern

Why Professional Services?

Our global infrastructure planning and deployment services deliver thousands of projects each year. From employing our methodologies at hundreds of sites to leveraging complete enterprise design services, customers trust our infrastructure experts to assess the technology they have today and design the solutions they need for tomorrow. Think of it as the group that does all post-sales engineering. If you’re into the hands-on technical work or your dream job is to be a Project Manager – this is a great place to start! Technical areas include Network, Security, Data Center & Collaboration. Don’t worry, though. If tech isn’t your thing, there are great positions for Business students as well, including but not limited to our Partner Management and Emerging Services teams.

Relevant Majors:

  • Engineering (computer, electrical, software)
  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Information Systems
  • Relevant STEM majors such as Mathematics, Sciences, etc.