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25 Years in the IT industry holding positions as a CTO for various organizations globally. John has built and led consulting and professional services teams for large consulting and technology firms running teams of 300 plus employees that have consulted on IT transformation, Product Development, and M&A activity. John has been recognized by the industry and peers as a visionary technology & services leader. John has learned how to truly connect the business value with technical solutions. "The key is the adoption of the technology which involves an architecture team that can deliver a scalable solution that combines people and process with the technology to drive true business value". PROGRAM EXPERIENCE Next Generation Data Center program for a large bank that included improving their security posture by 40% while at the same time mitigating a large amount of technical debt. Migration of two shared use facilities to hosted collocation facilities to support enhanced business partner connections and deployment of full Enterprise Segmentation. Divestiture of large pharmaceutical organization that included migrating 80% of applications to the cloud while leveraging CoLo space globally. This project required the stand up of an entire new IT organization, Service Desk and implementation of full Automation and Orchestration to support an Infrastructure as Code and drive agility throughout the organization. Internal PaaS environment architecture, design and implementation, convert 600 individual servers to run on an internal hosted solution. Complete DC migration to a 100% fully virtualized environment that included the migration of 12,000 servers across 3 data centers with the implementation of various VMware products and the retooling of current help desk and provisioning services and changing of procedures and workflows to match the new environment.


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