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Shay Gillespie

Business Development Manager - Central Division


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I love my job and love my customers. I love supporting the reps and helping them penetrate their target accounts. It's challenging work but getting to the end goals makes it all worth it. I love to workout!!!! Like seriously, love love it! I workout every single morning for 2 hours (or more) at a gym. I currently have 4 memberships. I love being a mom of two boys and I actually love to cook for my family. One fun fact is that I am a self proclaimed chef and my family eats 3 home cooked meals everyday even prior to Covid. We ate out in the last 2 years less than 6 times. I'm pretty proud of that fact. Lastly, I founded Color Coded Kids, a coding program in 2016 teaching kids, primarily in under resourced communities, how to code in 4 programming languages. We were in Microsoft Stores all over the country prior to Covid and now we offer virtual classes. I also founded Color Coded Kids Money, teaching kids wealth management.


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