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My purpose is to create safe places for people so they live fulfilling lives. I believe people who feel safe to be their true, unfiltered selves can show the courage to share their best ideas, build trusting relationships, do the things that give their lives meaning, and inspire others to do the same. I am a life-long technologist and I love hands-on learning for the purpose of teaching people to use technology in meaningful ways. I believe nobody gets to the end of their life wishing they spent more time at work. I believe the right technology helps people be more effective at their jobs, enabling them to be their best at work while creating more time for them to spend with the people they love or doing the things that enrich their lives. My career spans several diverse technical and sales roles with focus on technology that enables people to connect with and understand each other better. Right now, my focus is to help people learn how to make their jobs feel more like fun and less like work! I look for ways to automate boring and repetitive tasks so people have more time to learn, innovate, solve complex problems, and enjoy life.


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