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Article Microsoft

Tanium vs. Microsoft SCCM: The Ferrari or the Sedan? Or Both?

The strengths and challenges of each security solution, plus a roadmap for how to derive the most value for your use cases.
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Article Samsung Rugged Devices

Here's How Retailers Can Improve Employee and Customer Experiences

As consumers continue returning to in-store shopping in 2022, they will expect the same level of service and accessibility from brick-and-mortar stores as their online counterparts. Simultaneously, retailers are facing a labor shortage, and high turnover, as U.S. retailers are trying to fill more than 1 million empty positions.
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Article ESG

What's Trending in Data Center for 2022

From modernization to sustainable practices, here are nine data center trends to keep an eye on in 2022.
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Article Cyber Resilience

Now is the Time to be Cyber Resilient

Even with the best cybersecurity tools available, there are no guarantees. With a proper cyber resilience strategy, you can bounce back safely, quickly and reliably should a hostile or disruptive attack occur. Here are some key considerations for maintaining a cyber resilient enterprise.
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Article Application Services

Using Testcontainers for Unit Tests With Spring & Kotlin

Many applications built upon the Spring framework make use of JPA and relational databases. This brings about considerations in unit testing these additional dependencies.
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Article ScienceLogic

What AIOps and Lego® Kits Have in Common

The challenge for most IT organizations is getting from vision to final destination.
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Article Intel, Dell, VMware, and WWT Solutions

Memory Population Guidelines for Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors

Intel's 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable Processors feature an all-new memory controller architecture. This article will dive into the changes and how to maximize performance by ensuring memory modules are properly ordered and populated.
Article ATC

Testing Palo Alto Prisma SD-WAN in the ATC

Palo Alto has long been known as a global cyber-security leader. Since their acquisition of CloudGenix in 2020, Palo has been helping to shape the cloud-centric model by adding SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) into a holistic SASE offering including Prisma Access for customers and an ever-evolving industry. The ATC (Advanced Technology Center) worked to build a lab within a few weeks that would test, showcase, and demonstrate Palo Alto's SD-WAN cloud-native network approach. Keep reading to see how Palo Alto completes their SASE solution.
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Article Cyber Resilience

What Is Cyber Vault and How Does It Relate to Cyber Resilience?

As ransomware and malware attacks are rising globally, companies are preparing for a compromised future.
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Article Optical Networking

CWDM or DWDM: Which Should You Use and When?

While the two types of wavelength division multiplexing --CWDM and DWDM -- are both effective methods to solve increasing bandwidth capacity needs, they are designed to tackle different network challenges.
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Article Healthcare

5 Benefits of Using AI in Healthcare

In the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the most powerful agent of transformation in the healthcare industry. Learn how healthcare providers can take advantage of AI's benefits.
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Article Equinix

Begin Your Manufacturing Digital Journey

Partnering with Paul Johnson, Global Solutions Architect with Equinix, we share how to reduce risk, increase speed and enable innovation as a manufacturer on a digital journey.