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Briefing Fortinet Fortigate Secure SD-WAN

SD-WAN Technology Briefing

Software-Defined WAN offers organizations flexible connectivity, facilitates cloud strategies and improves application performance, all in a secure environment. It can also improve operational efficiencies and help control or reduce WAN costs. Approaches to SD-WAN implementation and supported capabilities vary from one OEM to another. This briefing will explore four of the top SD-WAN vendors and highlight the innovative features that set each of their solutions apart, including a live demonstration of our on-demand SD-WAN lab environments and an explanation of how to access them.
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Briefing Cisco

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Briefing

The cloud, remote work, evolving working habits and an increasingly technology savvy workforce has changed how and where people are connecting to applications and critical resources. These changes are forcing enterprise networks to change to provide secure access. This briefing will explain how the network and security worlds are colliding to deliver Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and how your org can prepare to take advantage of the Secure Business outcome that SASE provides.
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Briefing React

Refactoring and Replatforming Applications Briefing

In today's race to the cloud, companies often take the path of least resistance, or "lifting and shifting" existing apps without modification. Yet, to maximize gains from a cloud migration, it is frequently preferable to update workloads to leverage cloud native capabilities. This guided technical demo progresses through seven different means of replatforming and refactoring an application, illustrating the pros and cons of each architecture.
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Briefing ServiceNow

WWT on Now: ServiceNow Overview Briefing

ServiceNow is the market leader in both the service management and Platform as a Service sectors. When implemented and managed correctly, ServiceNow enables organizations to consolidate data, business processes and knowledge into a single System of Action™. As an Elite partner and a longtime customer of ServiceNow, WWT brings a unique perspective to the conversation.
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Briefing Customer Success

Hybrid Work Briefing

Most organizations have identified hybrid work, in which employees split time between the office and remote work, as a key component of their reopening plans. Yet, few leaders have a clear strategy in place to support a hybrid workforce. That's why WWT developed our Hybrid Work Spectrum, a tool that helps organizations visualize their balance between on-site and remote workers so they can determine their requirements and priorities for safety preparedness, technology acquisition and budget allocation. This briefing is designed to help organizations understand where they land on the Hybrid Work Spectrum and provide guidance on what's needed to successfully transition to long-term flexible working.
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Briefing Cisco Hybrid Work

Meraki Smart Cameras for Physical Surveillance Briefing

Meraki Smart Cameras are easy to deploy, configure and manage. They provide reliable security and the ability for businesses to gain insights into their customers' and employee behaviors. In this briefing, discover why Cisco Meraki Smart Cameras are the right cloud-managed camera solution for your organization.
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Briefing Cyber Resilience

Cyber Recovery Briefing

In this briefing, we will work with your key stakeholders to identify where your organization holds the most risk, board-level objectives and top concerns. Our experts will discuss how we help customers identify gaps in their cyber response strategy to deliver an optimized resilience posture.
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Briefing Meetings

Enterprise Video Conferencing: Next-Gen Meetings Briefing

Meetings are integral to how we do business -- they're where decisions are discussed and made. Good meetings are simple to schedule and join, and they foster engagement and collaboration from each participant, whether remote or in person. This two- to four-hour briefing will focus on the latest meeting room technologies and explain the various options for simplifying and enhancing the experience across your enterprise.
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Briefing Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing With Ribbon SBC Demo

This demo environment is designed to demonstrate the integrations and design considerations associated with enabling voice for Microsoft Teams and interoperability with Cisco UC. The Microsoft Teams tenant is configured with Direct Routing to enable phone services via the PSTN using the Session Border Controller (SBC) from Ribbon Communications and a connection to on-prem PBXs such as Cisco CUCM.
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Briefing OT Security

OT/IoT Security Briefing

Increased visibility, process safety and integrity, risk mitigation -- these are just a few of the secure business outcomes required by mature OT/IoT security programs. A security operations center, or SOC, seeks to monitor all systems on an ongoing basis. In this age of rapidly advancing technology, this is no easy task. WWT has a deep understanding of OT/IoT security: how people, process, and technology logically come together to transform an organization.
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Briefing End-User Computing

Unified Endpoint Management Briefing

For years, IT issued a single PC or laptop to users as their only approved device for work. Today, users are not only demanding a choice of endpoint device, they are using multiple device types to do their jobs. These demands come across all levels of an organization, from task workers to the C-suite. Meeting these demands places an ever-growing burden on IT to empower users while maintaining corporate security standards. Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) technologies enable IT to manage multiple device types with a consistent set of tools, ensuring consistent security while providing flexibility and a high quality user experience.
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Briefing Okta

Identity and Access Management Briefing

Increased visibility, eliminating identity siloes, immature processes--these are just a few of the secure business outcomes required by mature identity and access management programs. Securing the identity, both on-premise and in the cloud, is a challenge in today's landscape.
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Briefing Splunk

Security Operations Briefing

Increased visibility, elimination of alert fatigue, improved analytics--these are just a few of the secure business outcomes required by mature security operations programs. A security operations center, or SOC, seeks to monitor all systems on an ongoing basis. In this age of rapidly advancing technology, this is no easy task.
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Briefing Cradlepoint

Private LTE (over 3.5GHz CBRS) Network Solution

Private LTE delivers a controllable, cost-effective network that bolsters security while providing a wider and more reliable coverage area to enhance productivity and foster innovation. Service providers are using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) to replace last-mile fiber access and deliver fixed wireless services to end customers while augmenting existing capacity. Enterprises and managed service providers are utilizing the 3.5 GHz band to deploy private LTE for IoT connectivity and deliver a quality of experience that Wi-Fi cannot guarantee.
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Briefing Cloudify

Cloudify Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Briefing

Cloudify provides infrastructure automation using 'Environment as a Service' technology to deploy and continuously manage any cloud, private data center or Kubernetes service from one central point while leveraging existing toolchains: Terraform, Ansible and more. Use Cloudify to import existing automation templates and scripts and automatically convert them into certified environments. Manage them using the Cloudify console or export these environments to ServiceNow and enable users to deploy, continuously manage and maintain them as part of approval workflows.
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Briefing Juniper Mist

Next-Generation Access Networks/Campus Fabric Briefing

Get an overview and exploration of modern Access Networks and Campus Fabrics. Learn what the major OEMS in this space are offering and how these new technologies, capabilities and features could help enable your organization.
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Briefing Okta

Zero Trust Briefing

Increased visibility, reducing the attack surface, and rationalizing zero trust theory with technical implementation--these are just a few of the outcomes that a successful zero trust program should provide. Securing the enterprise, both on-premise and in the cloud, is a challenge in today's landscape.
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Briefing Private LTE & 5G

Private Wireless Networks Briefing

C-level leaders are increasingly interested in the capabilities of private wireless networks as they look to enhance connectivity through their entire organizations. Unlike Wi-Fi or a public cellular network, traffic over a private wireless network is free from interference or congestion, making these networks perfect for mission-critical data with a high degree of mobility. This briefing is designed to help organizations understand the basics of private wireless technology, how enterprises are leveraging this technology and typical paths toward adoption.
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Briefing Application Delivery Controllers

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Briefing

Web applications are something every company has and needs to secure. We see headlines announcing the latest breach, yet this doesn't slow the pace to move business process to web applications. Gone are the days when a perimeter firewall was all a company needed to secure their applications. As changing business needs drive applications into the cloud, security needs change as well. In order to protect their vital applications, organizations must invest in robust applications protection model allowing for rapid development and repeatable security to protect the applications that drive modern business.
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Briefing Software Testing

Software Test Automation Briefing

<p><b>Test automation</b> is a critical part of any modern software development. Within WWT, we use it extensively from automated unit testing, integration testing, end-to-end testing, performance testing, load test -- and the list goes on. Test automation is not easy, especially if your organization isn't prepared for it. Whether executed in the cloud or on-premise, it takes a robust infrastructure and tooling capability along with the people who know how to wield it.</p> <p><b>Success</b> in test automation requires a clear strategic and architectural vision that drives desired business outcomes. This strategy must address an iterative approach to defining governance, managing data, creating test infrastructure and defining tests. It is executed by a multidisciplinary team composed of Software Engineering, QA, Infrastructure and DevOps. A successful test automation program also requires smart capital investments in the right infrastructure and tools to effectively and efficiently reach these business outcomes.</p> <p><b>In this briefing</b>, we will explore with you the landscape of test automation and what is needed to be successful based on our 20+ years of hands-on experience at the leading edge of software development.</p>
Briefing Pure as a Service (PaaS)

Storage as a Service Briefing

This briefing is beneficial for customers wanting to learn about the various storage-as-a-service (STaaS) OEM offerings. Our team can help compare and contrast the different operating models from Dell, NetApp, Pure Storage, Hitachi and HPE.
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Briefing Microsoft Azure

Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture (MCNA) Lab

The Aviatrix Multicloud Network Architecture (MCNA) Lab is a capability of the ATC designed to dive deep into the core pillars and use cases that define a Multicloud Network Architecture. This technical guided lab will provide customers with a full understanding of the Aviatrix cloud network platform including intelligent, advanced networking capabilities, operations and security within a hybrid multicloud architecture.
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Briefing End-User Computing

Digital Employee Experience Briefing

Work is something that people do, not somewhere that people go. Employees are being empowered to access any data, on any device, from anywhere, at any time. These improvements in the digital experience for better productivity and engagement must be augmented by security that adapts to how your employees work, keeping data and devices safe regardless of location and endpoint device.
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Briefing Hybrid Work

Remote Workforce Consultation

Request an initial consultation with WWT experts to discuss what's required for your organization to quickly assess what is needed to enable and optimize the remote workforce. This session will cover what can be planned now to sustain and optimize a remote and distributed workforce going forward.