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WWT Friends & Family Prayer Call

Next Call: May 25, 2022 -- Guest Artist: Rev. Donté A. Ford, Asst Professor of Music/Assoc Chaplain for Worship Arts, Wheaton College -- Guest Speaker: Lori Drury, Executive Director and CEO, Biblical Business Training (BBT)
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WWT's Approach to Collaboration

World Wide Technology helps organizations solve their most complex collaboration challenges. From strategy to execution, our digital workspace team delivers seamless meeting, calling and collaboration experiences to support your anywhere workforce.
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Interoperability for Video Conferencing

World Wide Technology brings an independent and expert perspective on the leading video conferencing endpoints and platforms. This playlist focuses on technical demos where interoperability is center stage.
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Playlist Cisco

Introduction to Optical Networking Training

Optical networking and Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) have long been the technology of choice for transporting large amounts of data between sites. New technology trends like 5G, autonomous vehicles and smart cities rely on optical networking as a transport foundation. The purpose of this training is to help you become familiar with the basic building blocks of an optical network and gain an understanding of the key benefits provided by optical networks.
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TEC37 Video Podcast

TEC37 is WWT's weekly video podcast series. Not a new series, just a new host. Tune in as Robb Boyd speaks with various WWT experts about topics in the fields of technology, education or collaboration; all the IT you can eat in 37 minutes... unless the conversation is just too good and needs more time! Check back for a new episode each week.
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Playlist Ansible

Dell EMC PowerStore Ansible Lab Overview

This playlist goes along with the on-demand Dell EMC PowerStore Ansible Lab. Follow the instructions in the first video to get access to one of the on-demand labs.
Playlist Hybrid Work

Hybrid Work Technologies

Planning a transition to hybrid work? Get a firsthand view at some of the top technologies for enabling hybrid work. In this video playlist, we explore Appspace's desk and room reservation system, the Poly Studio P15 personal video bar and lens, Cisco Webex Desk Pro, and the Cisco 730 headset.
Playlist Cisco Hybrid Work

Product First Look: Unboxing & Feature Reviews

Explore unboxing videos and feature reviews of the latest collaboration devices.
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Playlist Cisco Segment Routing

Segment Routing Technical Training

Segment Routing is the latest technology that replaces MPLS and is based on source routing. Segment Routing provides complete control over the forwarding path from the source node by encoding the path in the header of the packet. Segment Routing is implemented using extensions to the native IGP routing protocols, it does not require any additional protocols and removes unnecessary protocols simplifying the network. Segment Routing runs natively on an MPLS or IPv6 data plane and can coexist with LDP, making for a painless migration. A special thank you to Clarence Filsfils and Kris Michielsen from Cisco Systems for providing the original content for the slides.
Playlist Cohesity

Cohesity Essentials Lab Overview

Welcome to the WWT Cohesity Essentials solution video series. In this series, we detail how to configure, troubleshoot and maintain the Cohesity DataPlatform. There are six total videos that can be used for self education or to walk through different tasks in the Cohesity Essentials hands-on lab.
Playlist ATC

ATC Builders Meeting Archive

This is the ATC Core Builders Meeting Playlist. Every week, WWT experts spend time covering their views and opinions on various technology products, topics and solutions. Tune in and fuel your passion for learning!
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Playlist Pure FlashArray //C

Pure Storage Asynchronous Replication Configuration

This playlist consists of two short videos that educate users on how to setup and configure Pure Storage asynchronous replication.
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What's the Real Financial Impact of SD-WAN?

Watch Matt Long, WWT Director of Business Development describe how WWT's tools and experts can help organizations determine how an SD-WAN solution can lead to game-changing business and financial outcomes.
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Playlist NGINX Plus

API Security Lab Video Series

This video series demonstrates the WWT API Security Labs available on the ATC platform. We will be discussing the use case these labs addresses and also share a brief explanation on the functionality and ways to access these labs from the platform.
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Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager (EPNM) Lab Training

Cisco Evolved Programmable Network Manager (EPNM) is a simplified lifecycle management tool for carrier networks of all sizes. The solution encompasses operations, administration, provisioning and assurance across core, aggregation, edge and access networks. With powerful capabilities to manage carrier ethernet, optical transport, circuit emulation and more, Cisco EPNM provides end-to-end management of routed, optical and converged multi-layer networks. These video demonstrations are intended to guide you through the Cisco EPNM Lab.
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Playlist Pure FlashBlade

Pure Storage VM Analytics Lab Video Playlist

As part of the Pure Storage VM Analytics On Demand lab, this playlist offers two videos overviewing what is needed to get VM Analytics deployed and discovered in a Pure1 and ESXi environment: Video 1. Covers deploying the VM Analytics OVA template into an existing VMware environment. Video 2. Covers quick discovery of an ESXi environment using Pure1 Analytics in Pure1 Manage once the OVA has been deployed.
Playlist Campus & LAN Switching

No Bad Wi-Fi Series

Could you benefit from Wi-Fi 6? How many Wi-Fi 6 clients are already in your environment? Throughout this monthly series, hosts Robb Boyd and Jennifer Huber give you the inside look into OEM and Ecosystem Partners' solutions and services revolving around "wireless." The panel will include thought leaders and leading engineers from Cisco, Aruba, Meraki, Ekahau, 7Signal and more. Be sure to check back each month for a new, informative and exciting session. #NoBadWiFI
Playlist Infinera

Infinera G30 Optical Disaggregation and Optical Line System

Network operators today face a myriad of challenges in expanding their optical infrastructure. New and existing networks require automation, speed to market, support for disaggregated architectures and an open line system strategy in order to respond to exponential traffic growth globally. Optical disaggregation of the optical components allows operators to select which OEMs solution best fits their needs. Adopting this strategy allows for greater flexibility and agility when positioning multiple vendors solutions. In this three-part video series we will review what optical disaggregation and open line systems are, introduce the Infinera Groove G30 platform and review how to use the Infinera Transcend Network Manager System (TNMS) to provision and deploy this solution.
Playlist Cisco

Wi-Fi 6 Webinar Series With Cisco Meraki

Meraki, Ekahau and WWT experts discuss why and how to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 in this 3-part series.