Get more out of your technology

For today’s CIOs, CFOs and IT directors, managing IT investments is a moving target. Not only do you need to track infrastructure and software across your enterprise, but you need to know how it’s being used at any given time. Hardware and software purchases have to do more than justify a return; they need to align to an overall IT strategy.

Our lifecycle services give you a better way to purchase, track and manage your technology investments. From initial assessments and requirements gathering through solution design, deployment and beyond, we support your IT assets, so you can get more out of your technology.

Asset Assessment

As your organization looks to grow, the first step is understanding the capabilities and limitations of your IT assets. We designed our asset management strategy assessment to give you a clear picture of your entire IT portfolio.

We start by building a network map that graphically depicts the layout of your network hardware. Then, we analyze your hardware and software footprint based on existing data or a network inventory collector. After our analysis, we give you detailed inventory reports, so you can easily spot problem areas and identify bottlenecks.

With a single source of truth for your IT portfolio in place, we recommend a purchasing plan that aligns to your overall IT strategy. The assessment is the optimal way to begin development, expansion or upgrades to your hardware and software.

Financial Impact

Having a purchasing strategy that is cost-effective and easy to execute depends on many factors. Is your company in an organic growth phase? Are you executing on acquisitions? How will a cloud or mobility rollout impact IT?

Following our network assessment, we analyze the financial impact of potential purchasing strategies. We do this through Executive Engage, a financial modeling tool that customers have found invaluable.

Through Executive Engage we can forecast spend on maintenance and licensing under your current model versus Cisco ONE and custom licensing options. Further, we can forecast spend for standard licensing or licensing specific to unified communications or security.

When it comes to possible purchasing strategies, we can show you the return on investment of multiple options based on data collected through our thorough network assessment. The result is a tailored hardware and purchasing strategy that gives you a defendable return on investment.

License Purchasing

What happens when your software and hardware purchases don’t line up? Too often we see customers stuck in a product-by-product purchasing model that leads to confusion, or even worse, unused licenses.

Cisco ONE protects your software investments by decoupling software ownership from the underlying hardware operating system. Usage rights can be ported across multiple generations of hardware, which gives organizations a perpetual, subscription-based licensing model.

We help organizations understand this major shift in Cisco licensing, so they can evaluate Cisco ONE against other options. We’ll walk you through how Cisco ONE can be applied to networking, compute, WAN, switching and wireless.

Maintenance and Tracking

We’re committed to best-in-class software and license management. That’s why we built COMET, a custom inventory for full tracking of all elements of your Cisco footprint.

With direct access to the COMET application, our clients get custom dashboards and can search and filter by contract number, serial number or site. They can also save searches, view recent search history and export data to Excel. Reporting includes entitlement status, software asset management and asset disposal.

Because of our bi-directional, daily integration with Cisco, your data is always up to date. Best of all, COMET is a free service for our customers.

Adoption Services

Successful adoption of a new technology is heavily dependent on end user adoption and user experience, so an institutional understanding of your new tools is essential. We provide Adoption Services to help you architect comprehensive post-deployment utilization strategies to ensure you are maximizing your investment.

Our three phase approach begins small, by going through the process of defining and understanding your users’ processes. We’ll help you develop a training and adoption program grounded in the real needs of your users.

Once we’ve analyzed the user and system data and understand the unique needs of your organization, we’ll help you create internal communications and custom training aids to help socialize the new technologies within your organization.

By leveraging classroom and virtual adoption sessions with a pilot group of users, we’ll help you optimize the use of your new technology within the context of your organization. After that, through “train the trainer” workshops and other adoption strategies, we’ll show you how to scale and grow the use of your technology investment across the entire organization.

All of this takes place against a background of established use cases with measurable goals and realistic timelines for the new technology’s adoption.

Managed Services

The transformation to digital networking has put additional demands on businesses to deliver new digital services to their employees and customers. Often these new services require higher bandwidth and speed, as well as the need to support the network, track performance and analyze traffic patterns. While all businesses, regardless of their size or industry vertical, have significant IT needs, many do not have the on-staff technical knowledge nor manpower to meet these needs.

As organizations embrace digital transformation, they require the ability to pull and review performance analytics, have a 100% uptime rate, avoid capacity planning surprises and adopt changes at a rapid-fire pace.

A managed services offering can be a lifeline for businesses who lack the staff or expertise to fulfill these demands internally.

WWT’s managed services platform was built to serve as an underlying foundation for many of WWT’s digital transformation solutions. It allows organizations to expedite their digital transformation and enhance end-user experiences through a solutions portfolio and analytics platform underpinned by a 24/7 infrastructure management service.

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