Implementing new and evolving technology

WWT’s Integration Centers are climate-controlled production environments with advanced networking, secure remote access and ISO-certified procedures. In these facilities, certified engineers with logistical and technical expertise help reduce the risk, cost and complexity of IT deployments.

By providing controlled environments where tasks can be performed on equipment according to your requirements, we help you move from planning and designing a new or evolving technology to implementing it.

See the full scope of our North American facility in the video below.

Our customers have used the Integration Centers to:

  • Stage their entire data center technology infrastructure during facility construction or preparation.
  • Rack and stack components from multiple manufacturers into ready-to-deploy systems.
  • Configure thousands of network, collaboration, security and end-user devices.

Explore the Integration Centers

We invite you to learn more about how the Integration Centers can help you with:

  • Rack and stack
  • Custom cabling
  • Burn-in and testing
  • Configuration and imaging
  • System and data center staging
  • Custom crating, packaging and asset management

Speed deployments of new IT

Reduce the risk, cost and complexity of IT deployments. Our Integration Centers provide a production-class environment for staging, kitting and building advanced technology solutions. This means your business can start enjoying the benefits of your new IT faster.

Our Integration Centers include more than 2 million square feet of secure integration, distribution and warehouse space. Here, our technology professionals can provide a controlled environment where tasks can be performed on equipment according to customer requirements. Our rack integration solutions combine technology from leading manufactures like Cisco, Dell EMC, NetApp, HPE, VMware, and others. Our teams asset tag, test, burn-in, cable, rack, configure and integrate multi-vendor solutions before delivering them to you.

Moving to factory-based implementation can reduce the cost of implementations by 30 percent or more through labor optimization and build consistency, as well as reduce on-site downtime associated with dead-on-arrival equipment. Learn more by taking a virtual tour of our North American Integration Center in St. Louis.

IT Focus Areas

Our focus is on solving business and technical challenges using the latest technology in: