Small Business Development

In addition to a commitment to growing spend with diverse businesses, WWT invests in small businesses by enabling them to grow and win business in the Public Sector market. We do this by extending our vast and deep technology expertise; OEM and supplier partnerships; through financial wherewithal; and field sales teams to support small businesses so that they can compete for and win Public Sector business. 

As a successful graduate of the Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) Business Development Program and the largest African American–owned technology business in the country, WWT has a profound appreciation for the assistance and partnership it provides to small and disadvantaged companies during their formative and early growth years. In our own case, with support from SBA and mentoring support from larger companies, WWT is now recognized as one of the top Federal contractors. Our experience has encouraged us to offer similar support to other small and disadvantaged firms. We know it is good business, as well as good corporate citizenship. 

In 2021, that spend totaled over $450 million dollars of awarded business to small and diverse Prime contractors. Also, in 2021, the Supplier Diversity team made additional investments and commitments to strengthening small and diverse relationships through the public sector business by hiring Mike Schmitt, as Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) and Senior Manager of WWT's Small Business Program, who has been focused on Federal business since 2005. 

This investment demonstrates WWT's intentionality to growing small and diverse spend through WWT's Public Sector team, while also focusing on the compliance of Government reporting and strategic programs.

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