State of Indiana Contracts

WWT holds several contracts directly with a state/agency or organization within a state, as well as cooperative procurement vehicles (e.g., National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO), formerly Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA), or Strategic Alliance for Volume Expenditures (SAVE) cooperative).


  • Contract Number: QPA 12921
  • Contract Expiration: 6/26/2026
  • Products and Services Offering: Cisco Data Communications and Network Equipment and limited services, includes refurbished equipment.
  • Contract Eligible Entities: State of Indiana executive branch agencies, the judicial branch, the legislative branch, and separately elected statewide officers. Other "Governmental Entities" means any Indiana county, municipality, municipal corporation, state educational institution, school corporation, city or county hospital, or body corporate and politic.
  • Special Ordering Instructions: For order inquiries, please contact your WWT Account Manager (AM) and/or Inside Sales Representative (ISR). If you do not know who your AM or ISR is, please contact Carol Harting at
  • WWT Contract Manager: Contact Contract Manager