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When employees feel comfortable coming to work as their authentic selves, they are more likely to make meaningful contributions to their teams, invest in their physical, mental and financial health, and seek ways to improve the community.

WWT Storytellers is a forum for employees to share their personal stories of challenge, growth, inspiration and triumph to help connect our employees globally, and drive a culture of inclusion that incorporates multiple perspectives, experiences and ideas. 

Transformation through education and appreciation

When personal experiences and views are met with open minds and a willingness to understand, we create an atmosphere that encourages storytelling — a powerful tool that can spark change. By embracing diversity in people and thought, we're able to make a positive impact on the world. 

WWT Storyteller

Listen. Learn. Act.

Transformation doesn’t happen without listening. To foster a sense of safety and to ensure stories are heard and utilized to create a better future, we established a set of Employee Resource Groups to help facilitate our understanding of each other through listening, learning and engaging.

Diversity is critical to our success

Storytellers is a key initiative within our broader Diversity & Inclusion program, which seeks to drive shared value across our people, business and community. When we invest in our people, we enable them to deliver tangible business outcomes and better themselves while creating a force multiplier for our collective ability to impact the communities in which we work.

WWT Employee