The Now, Next and Future of 5G: How to accelerate returns

The Now, Next and Future of 5G: How to accelerate returns

We know that the potential of 5G is huge — for operators, for businesses and for end users. But with so many opportunities and possible applications, how do you go about deciding where to focus your efforts?

That's the purpose of this interactive document. In it, WWT worked with Applied Futurist Tom Cheesewright to identify applications for 5G that could offer serious revenue potential for operators. Its aim is not to predict the biggest long-term successes for the technology, but rather to highlight applications likely to accelerate the return on the enormous investments made in spectrum and infrastructure.

The now, next and future of 5G

Read on to gain clarity on a few key questions:

  • What can operators do with the networks as they are today to generate additional revenue?
  • What are the near-term incoming opportunities?
  • Which opportunities are a little further out – however great their potential?
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Tom Cheesewright
Tom Cheesewright

Tom Cheesewright is an applied futurist, helping people and organizations around the world to see the future more clearly, share their vision and respond with innovation. He has extensive experience in the telecoms sector, working with all of the UK's major mobile operators as well as many fixed line providers, OEMs, resellers, application providers, government, and associated bodies.  

Cheesewright is a frequent presence in the media, his face, voice, and unusual name recognizable from weekly appearances on TV and radio including BBC Breakfast, Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, 5live, Radio 4, and TalkRadio, and in The Guardian, The Times, and The Evening Standard. His first book, High Frequency Change, was published in 2019 by LID Publishing and was shortlisted for the Business Book Awards 2020 in the "Leadership for the Future" category. 

Tom's second book, Future-Proof Your Business, is out now as part of the Penguin Business Experts series. It was one of the Financial Times's recommended business reads for July 2020.