APC Rack PDU Demonstration


In this six minute video, Technical Solutions Architect Mike Parham discusses APC’s broad range of Rack PDU solutions and those installed in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center.

Rack PDU’s are becoming an important part of the overall data center design since the introduction of converged IT and other high density applications. This video will explore considerations when choosing Rack PDU’s and covers topics of management types, KW capacity, mounting type and descriptions of outlet types.

Having intelligent PDU’s can decrease the chance of downtime which is still mainly caused by human error, since often times open plugs on the PDU are used without consideration of what the overall PDU capacity is. These intelligent PDU’s can send out alerts and alarms showing current consumption as well as the benefit of outlet control to either remotely reboot devices or for security/capacity management reasons, turn off unused outlets until approved assets are installed.