Data Center Cooling Solutions that Take the Guess Work Out of Cooling Designs


In this video, Mike Parham, architect for WWT’s national facilities practice, will demonstrate fixes to traditional cooling solutions in WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC), as well as new technology that takes the guess work out of cooling designs and provides higher efficiencies, additional redundancy and the ability to correctly cool any densities of racks without over provisioning and guess work.

Data center cooling continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of data center management. The traditional raised floor approach, which has been used for many years, typically cannot handle the heat loads generated by today’s IT environment without over design and additional capacity installed. The fix to issues like hot spots has typically been to install more cooling capacity, which often leads to data centers having two to four times the amount of cooling installed then is actually needed. Many of the cooling challenges involve air flow and hot air mixing in the data center rather than capacity installed. Without precise tools, predictability of how data center cooling will handle and react to today’s trends like virtualization, consolidation and converged infrastructure is often hard to determine.