No Bad Wi-Fi Series, Episode 6 – 7Signal


Join us to learn how 7Signal provides an outside-in approach for dedicated wireless performance analysis with Jim Vajda. From Sapphire Eye to Mobile Eye covering client reality, 7Signal provides...wait for it...7 key signals for making data based decisions about the state of wireless in your operation. Their solution works with any wireless vendor you may be using already as they only do analysis. No need to try and explain why wireless is hard to troubleshoot - work with data that works for you and expose the reality of your RF. https://www.7signal.com/ Plus, what about all the physical gear needed in actual wireless environments? Carter Burke from AccelTex joins us for show and tell once again showcasing cool new stuff: a half-warehouse antennae, a tri-band omni-antennae and 'The Claw' that will make any installers life on the pole so much easier. http://www.acceltex.com/