Simplify your organization’s Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade with WWT’s CPMigrator


In this video, Fred Armstrong demonstrates CPMigrator® from World Wide Technology (WWT). The first part of the video is an overview of our solution including past experience. The second part of the video demonstrates WWT’s ability to automate Windows migrations and operating system (OS) deployment. CPMigrator® is a proven, portable, enterprise-class software solution that makes it easy for organizations of any size t migrate to Windows 10 independently without disrupting their workforce or operations.

First Part
With Windows 7 reaching End of Life Support in January 2020, some companies are still struggling to get all of their Windows devices running Windows 10. WWT would like to demonstrate how CPMigrator® can simplify and accelerate your Windows 10 Migrations project. Originally developed internally for our Windows XP to Windows 7 migrations, we have been assisting customers with their own migrations for more than eight years. To date we have migrated over a million devices, in industries such as retail, manufacturing, global finance, energy, DoD, healthcare, and many others. 

CPMigrator® can be used for in-place migrations, PC to PC migrations, 2-part migrations, as well as Windows 10 servicing migrations It will seamlessly automate the BIOS to UEFI change, it will re-join systems to Active Directory, or handle a cross-domain move as part of a  Windows migration, and when used in conjunction with a systems management platform, can often-times provide a zero-touch imaging solution. CPMigrator® integrates with VMware's Unified Endpoint Management System (UEM), Microsoft's System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Tanium, and other products.

Second Part
This part is to demonstrate how CPMigrator® can migrate a machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and automatically install and register the device in VMware's UEM so it can be managed by VMware Workspace ONE.  While the migration being demonstrated here only took 22 minutes it's not a real-world scenario.  For the purposes of the demo, we are migrating a virtual machine with only a couple MB of user data, with only four very small applications being re-installed.  

Typically, in place migrations done with CPMigrator® take anywhere from between 45 and 60 minutes depending upon the speed of the hardware, the number of applications that need to be re-installed etc.  PC to PC migrations can go as quickly as 30 minutes, but usually take about an hour – the determining factors here would be the amount of data that needs to be moved, the number of applications to be re-installed, and whether the migration is being done on the network or off the network - directly from one PC to the other.