B2B Digital Innovation Platform Overview


WWT’s chief technology advisor Rick Piña provides a three-minute overview of WWT's B2B Innovation Platform.


- Hello, this Rick Pina, I'm the Chief Technology Advisor for public sector for World Wide Technology, and I wanna introduce you to WWT.com. WWT.com is now a digital platform. For those of you that were familiar with the advanced technology center, and what we've been doing for years at WWT, this is now available to you. We opened this up, not just to internal WWT users, not just to our partners, but also to our customers. So we welcome you to go to WWT.com today and sign up for an account, and if you do, you will have access to a tremendous set of resources that you can leverage. One of those is the advanced technology center. So the advanced technology center for World Wide Technology is a lab, think of it as a lab that's dedicated to integration and innovation. Think of all the things that you can do with a lab, but this is a lab that's already been built, it's a $500 million investment that you can leverage and you can leverage this everyday. Your customers can leverage it as well, if you're one of our partners. But you can log in, here you're gonna see that you have access to over a hundred different logos. Now I came out of the government space, I was in the U.S Army. And when I was in the army, we had challenges getting access to different types of Dispera technologies, and often times, we had to test what we had with what someone was offering us. We had to take a look at our current environment, and consider how I could really get to some projected to be instate. And because we were in the government, we had to do incremental modernization over time. We had to do tech insertions through spirals and sprints, and we had to do this in some type of step fashion. Well guess what, if I had access to something like the advanced technology center, it would have made my life a lot easier. Over a hundred logos are represented in this environment, and then these last two things I wanna point out. They are over 300 labs that are available to you today, that you can launch a lab, or a proof of concept. On the proof of concept side, this is absolutely critical because there are over 1,500 proof of concepts that have already been run. So in different types of industries, let's say you wanna go to one of the industries, not just, maybe you're in the federal government, but outside of the federal government. Maybe you're in education, or you wanna learn from oil and gas. Or you wanna learn from what a global service providers doing, let's say that you're attempting to provide that service. You can go and look at a proof of concept that was already accomplished, that all the details will be outlined, you can download that information, you can then leverage that information within your organization to be able to, this is what it boils down to. You're trying to leverage emerging technology, and bridge the gap between emerging technology and your evolving gaps and opportunities within your organization. So sign up today at WWT.com. You can leverage all of the work that we have, you can launch labs, you can schedule labs, you can say, "Hey, this is a lab environment, "I would love to have that lab." I can schedule it, put in a request to schedule it for three days, four days, five days, and one of our account representatives will contact you. Go to WWT.com today. Thank you for your time and attention.