What does Cloud Migration offer WWT Customers?

Key components of our migration services include:

  1. Migration Strategy: The over-arching guide for how an organization will approach cloud adoption.
  2. Assessment:  An honest appraisal of an organization's current data, applications, and infrastructure.  It includes dependencies, performance requirements, security needs, and the organization's operational capabilities to operate in a given cloud environment.
  3. Migration Planning:  The detailed wave plans for a given migration effort.
  4. Migrations:  The actual moving of data, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud including post migration validation, contingency plans, and testing.
  5. Cost Optimization:  Ongoing appraisal of the customer's cloud environment in order to achieve the most effective and efficient use of their cloud budget.

Summation:  WWT's cloud migration services are essential for customers seeking to harness the benefits of cloud computing including scalability, flexibility, costs-effeciency, and agility.  Our services help organizations plan, execute, and manage the complex process of moving their IT infrastructure, application, and data to the cloud while addressing various technical and operational obstacles.


WWT has a history of building our client's data centers, this gives us unique "tribal knowledge" around their existing infrastructure needs and connectivity requirements. To that end, we take each customer's individual requirements and help them to decide what, how, and when to move to the cloud.