Make 5G Work: Navigating the Operational, Technical and Cultural Changes to Generate New Business Value

5G is a transformational inflection point for service providers and their ability to compete in a future in which everything and everybody is connected.

This report details the results of a qualitative study we conducted among a cohort of industry service providers to explore the strategic priorities and concerns shaping their 5G planning. 

Ultimately, we hope the findings will help provide you with a clear answer to a simple, yet profoundly important question: Are you ready to make 5G work for you?

Make 5G Work Access the Report


Section 1: 

  • Waves of Change: The changes service providers must undergo in order to make 5G work – not only from a technical standpoint, but from a commercial one – are significant, covering every area of their operations, infrastructure and business model.
  • Not Just Another G: 5G presents an industry-wide opportunity to shift towards an ecosystem-based approach to network infrastructure and operations.

Section 2:

  • Destination 5G Maturity: The why behind 5G is clear. What’s yet to be defined is the how. Our maturity curve represents the theory - we wanted to uncover what’s happening in reality.

Section 3: 

  • Where is your network on its 5G journey? Research conducted in conjunction with Deep Blue Thinking tells us most Tier 1 service providers believe themselves to be between stages one and three on the maturity curve, which means many of 5G’s benefits are not yet available to their customers.
  • Navigating your 5G journey: Increasing 5G maturity requires extensive planning and a deep understanding of the implications of decisions being made on all aspects of network functions and operations.


  • Reach 5G maturity: Fueled by a desire to become more agile and innovative, service providers are fundamentally changing the way they think about technology and its role in growing their top and bottom lines.

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