Recommending Relevant Articles to WWT ATC Connect Users

By Ankit Shukla

World Wide Technology (WWT) developed the mobile application ATC Connect to provide customers and employees easy access to all aspects of the WWT Advanced Technology Center (ATC). In this white paper, you will learn how WWT developers and engineers use recommendation engine technology to serve up relevant articles and blog posts to users.

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Recommendation engines have become a staple for any website or mobile app offering content/products to its users. In the digital age, when users have access to large amounts of information, it is of utmost importance that a service provides relevant content/products to its users. World Wide Technology (WWT) has developed a mobile application named “ATC Connect” to provide customers and employees easy access to all aspects of the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). A key goal of the ATC connect application is to engage customers with the ATC capabilities and enhance their experience at Executive Briefing Councils (EBCs). A major feature of the application provides access to relevant articles and blog posts that may be of interest to a prospective or current customer. In this paper, a hybrid recommendation engine is built for recommending relevant articles to the users of the WWT ATC Connect mobile app.

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