Innovate at the speed of digital

We’ve all heard how artificial intelligence (AI) will help banking firms, insurers and investment companies meet current challenges and whatever else may lie ahead, allowing them to create better customer experiences and improve back-office core processes through the use of data, analytics and advanced technologies. AI delivers the payoff of digitization by allowing businesses to quickly utilize data for faster insights and time to value, for everything from operating efficiencies to completely new business models.

However, AI adoption in the enterprise is still in the early phase. Many organizations face daunting challenges in these top three areas:

  1. Leadership. Many stakeholders share overlapping responsibilities, yet no one party holds accountability as “owning” AI.
  2. Where to start. Many companies need help in choosing the right problems to solve.
  3. Skills gap. A shortage of AI brainpower and talent is preventing many companies from moving forward.

As a partner and system integrator for 12 of the top 15 largest financial institutions in the US, WWT has the unique insights to help financial services companies deliver on their AI strategy. By knowing where your organization is currently and where the industry is going, we can help your company identify use cases, design and deploy AI solutions and develop models in a multitude of ways for today and tomorrow.

AI solutions powered by Intel® technology

WWT’s long-standing partnership with best-of-breed innovators in AI means we’re able to help companies build AI solutions with faster time to value. As a leader in digital innovation and AI, Intel provides the foundation for a complete end-to-end solution with high performance for all your compute-intense AI workloads:

  • Intel Xeon® Scalable processors
  • Intel® OptaneTM SSDs and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs
  • Intel® OptaneTM DC Persistent Memory
  • Intel® Ethernet 700 Series
  • Intel® FPGAs

Get the right start with the ATC and WWT workshop

WWT’s Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is where we bring all parties together in a collaborative ecosystem to design, build, educate, demonstrate and deploy AI solutions. With it, we’ve helped our customers do amazing things in less time.

WWT offers an AI as a Service Workshop tailored to your organization to gain a better understanding of your overarching AI goals and current state. You’ll leave the workshop with a clear plan and schedule for next steps, including AI future-state hardware stack and proof of concept.

View our AI as a Service for Financial Services Workshop brochure to learn more.

  • Image Classification of Race Cars

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