Achieve your backup, recovery and archival goals

Executive Overview

Many organizations are experiencing drastic data growth rates, often in excess of 50 percent annually. Data growth of this size strains IT infrastructure, forcing organizations to design backup and recovery systems that scale to meet increasing demand, and to perform data backup operations within ever shorter backup windows. The WWT Backup, Recovery and Archive Workshop is designed specifically to help you understand and gather the information necessary to establish effective backup, recovery and archival strategies across your organization.

During WWT’s Backup, Recovery and Archive Workshop, you will work directly with experts to review and analyze your current environment as well as evaluate your disaster recovery, backup and archival plans and procedures. You will also develop an implementation plan  to optimize your organization’s backup, recovery and archiving architecture.


The WWT Backup, Recovery and Archive Workshop is a two- to four-hour technical whiteboard and architectural session focused on providing a detailed analysis of your organization’s backup, recovery and archiving architecture. Our goal is to help you overcome common challenges, including meeting specific service level agreements and mandates for data retention, recovery, security, accessibility and retrieval. WWT experts will provide strategic insight to help you:

  • Manage expanding backup windows as data volumes increase
  • Provide backup coverage for remote offices and branch locations
  • Ensure that backups capture only changed data, rather than unchanged information

This workshop will also provide specific technical recommendations for achieving backup, recovery and archival goals and designing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, along with a roadmap for executing your vision.


The Backup, Recovery and Archive Workshop delivers expert insight into the proven best practices to realign your stated (and unstated) backup and recovery objectives. You will get an objective assessment of your current backup and recovery capabilities and procedures, and identify environmental issues that may be impeding success. Attendees receive valuable knowledge transfer, enabling organizations to continually enhance backup, recovery and archival operations.

View our Backup, Recovery and Archive Workshop brochure.

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