Creating a multicloud ecosystem

As today’s Information Technology (IT) teams begin to transition to a cloud-based operating model, it is important to select and deploy the appropriate Cloud Management Platform (CMP) tools. IT operations needs to adapt to become more agile in both delivery and management of resources through the right tools, processes and automation. Identifying the right management and orchestration tools, as well as the right process to automate can be challenging.

World Wide Technology (WWT) created the Cloud Automation Workshop to help IT leaders evaluate CMP tools to take their first steps toward automating existing labor intensive, manual processes and procedures. CMP tools enable IT operations teams to leverage best practices within the cloud, identify opportunities to free up resources, increase agility, speed time to deliver business solutions and reduce overall cost.


The primary objective of WWT’s Cloud Automation Workshop is to illustrate how you can improve delivery of service level agreements, automate and orchestrate manual processes and better leverage cloud computing resources to deliver value to your organization. Appropriate for both technical and senior IT executive staff members, this workshop is a two‐ to four‐hour business‐aligned whiteboard session and overview of the tangible technical and financial benefits of cloud management. It is well suited for organizations integrating private, public or hybrid clouds into their current infrastructure.


This workshop gives you the opportunity to work with WWT’s Cloud Computing experts who will deliver the insight into CMP tools. We will discuss how you can implement new tools and leverage existing and add-on orchestration and management functionality in the data center. In addition, the discussion will delve into identifying manual processes and procedures within your existing IT environment that can be automated within a software layer and orchestrated across disparate business or operational units. By the end of the workshop, your organization will have a greater understanding of both the technical and fiscal benefits of cloud automation and management, as well as the steps required to holistically manage cloud capacity, resources and demands.

View our Cloud Automation Workshop brochure.

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