Cloud Maturity Workshop

16 hours
When an organization transitions from an on-premises infrastructure to a public cloud, every part of its business is impacted. It is important that your organization evaluates all aspects of the business to ensure you can support a successful cloud migration. WWT’s Cloud Maturity Workshop is designed to provide organizations with an analysis of their ability to successfully migrate operations to a public cloud provider.

What to Expect

This workshop is intended to be a 2-day engagement which will allow WWT to analyze the organization’s cloud readiness through a series of questions focused on: key business drivers, governance, cost management, and organization readiness. Through this series of questions, we will identify and score areas of strength and where further development is needed.  

At the conclusion, WWT will provide a Maturity Assessment Report containing multiple views of the data associated with areas critical to an organization’s successful migration to the cloud. This information can then be used to help define next steps for developing a successful strategy for a cloud migration.  

Goals & Objectives

WWT will enable an organization to understand which parts of their business are proficient and capable of supporting a migration and those that may need additional focus.  
What type of customer benefits? 
A Cloud Maturity Workshop is beneficial to any organization that is beginning their cloud journey or feels that their journey is not meeting their expectations. 
Who should attend? 
CIO, CFO, CISO, CTO, Line of Business, IT Director
What makes WWT unique? 
WWT has the experience and expertise to help our customers at any stage in their cloud journey. We help accelerate time to market by leveraging a combination of public cloud, on-premise and off-premise capabilities, while ensuring secure connectivity between core and cloud infrastructure. WWT's deep expertise in data center, networking, security and cloud, along with our unique culture and broad partner ecosystem, allows us to engage customers as a trusted advisor in a complete end-to-end capacity.