Understand the aspects of connecting securely to the cloud

Executive Overview

Many organizations have a move to cloud initiative or a desire to get out of the data center business. To achieve these goals, you need a foundational understanding of the networking constructs that will become the on-ramp to your cloud experience and a networking plan that provides an optimal platform to execute your cloud initiatives.


Our Cloud Networking Workshop is a half-day discussion focused on helping you understand the aspects of connecting securely to the cloud and connectivity within the cloud. There are numerous ways to set up connections to the cloud depending on the provider you are using and the goals you are trying to achieve. High availability, dedicated bandwidth, redundancy, cost and security are some of the considerations in connecting to the cloud. All of these connectivity decisions will impact your design; they will also affect the cost and efficiency of the resulting product.

Topics Covered:

  • Connecting to and using Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services
  • Utilizing third-party virtual appliances in your cloud networks
  • Benefits of using a carrier neutral facility in your architecture
  • How to leverage network function virtualization (NFV) in your designs


  • Compare and contrast the various cloud provider networking constructs
  • Understand available options for securely connecting your locations to the cloud
  • Address the unique challenges of aggregating multiple cloud services into your connectivity
  • Learn how to optimize your connectivity to the cloud for peak performance
  • Understand how to design for availability zones and fault domains

View our Cloud Networking Workshop brochure.

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