Cyber Resilience Discovery Session

5 hours

With the average cost of a cyber breach reaching $3.92 million, being able to recover quickly and reliably from a malware attack has never been more critical. WWT's holistic approach ensures that the right technology and methodology is chosen to help business become more resilient. 

What to Expect

The Cyber Resilience Discovery Session focuses on defining business objectives, motivations and priority business processes, and discovering the current state of your IT infrastructure. 

  • Define business objectives and motivations
  • Discover major platforms and OEMs in production
  • Identify cyber critical applications
  • Determine recovery time and recovery point objectives
  • Discover lessons learned from previous cyber resilience engagements

Goals & Objectives

A Cyber Resilience Discovery Session engagement typically requires 1-2 days of meeting time depending on the size of your environment and will be customized based on your unique needs. 

WWT subject matter experts will lead an in-depth discussion including:   

  • Regulatory/compliance requirements
  • Relevant processes and technology progress so far
  • Technology deep-dive
  • Overview of technology platforms and scope
  • CR architecture
  • Overview of WWT cyber recovery approach & framework
  • High level overview of customer's strategic OEMs
  • Dependencies
  • Recommended next steps

Who should attend?

CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, IT directors, enterprise architects 


During the WWT Cyber Resilience Discovery Session, our team helps organizations define the path forward to align services and products that meet resiliency goals. Upon completion, particpants will receive: 

  • Session summary (high-level business objectives, current state)
  • Conceptual design
  • High level recovery architecture options
  • Architectural component pros and cons
  • Strategic technology recommendations based on areas identified during the workshop 
  • Recommended next steps and go-forward plan