Data Protection Workshop

4 hours
The goal of this workshop is to help customers catalog their current state for backup, recovery and archive; evaluate their options; and determine the best solution for their overall specific requirements. The WWT data protection practice understands the significant transformation that is associated with architecture for the modern and software-defined data center. WWT experts will assist you with modernizing your environment through on-premise automation, cloud data management, exploring how to protect mission critical workloads while simplifying management, and looking for ways to reduce overall operational spend.

What to Expect

This workshop can be delivered either onsite or remotely.

Work directly with experts to review and analyze your backup, recovery and archival plans. Participants develop an implementation plan to optimize architectures and learn how to overcome common challenges, including meeting specific service-level agreements and mandates for data retention, recovery, security, accessibility and retrieval from either on premise or cloud based offerings.
  • Workloads types and associated data durability requirements.
  • Availability and recoverability replication requirements.
  • Performance Access protocol Compliance.
  • Analysis of existing on-premise infrastructure.
  • Integration of on-premise and cloud-based reporting.
  • Analysis of potential managed service providers affinity with colocation services.

Goals & Objectives

Businesses of all sizes invariably store data in multiple locations: the internal data center, physical and virtual servers, off-site storage, cloud storage, software-defined networks and employee cloud accounts such as SaaS. Increasingly, organizations have high expectations for the resiliency, availability and recoverability of their data assets – expectations that cannot be met with only traditional methodology. This interactive experience is customized to provide you and your teams with the relevant information necessary to make informed business and technical decisions. This workshop covers the following objectives:

  • Understanding your current needs and environment with WWT data protection experts
  • Explanation of the data protection market dynamics and players
  • Discussion of how individual use cases align with the varying types of solutions
  • Follow-up on next steps including demos, proof-of-concept testing, detailed design and proposals