Digital Network Workshop

4 hours
The new organization must adapt to digitization to be effective and remain competitive. What does it mean to be a digital enterprise? These organizations:

  • Engage in rapid prototyping and are not afraid to self-disrupt
  • Digitize their core business services, including workforce productivity
  • Create differentiation through digital services for their customers
  • Create value from customer centered data and employ analytics to drive business operations and change
  • Grow faster, are more agile and are more profitable than their counterparts

What to Expect

It is essential that organizations have a platform for their network that delivers on digital services. This workshop explores the requirements for a complete digital network, which typically include:
  • Mobile: Pervasive, high-speed and highly available wireless networking
  • Security: End-to-end visibility of users, data and applications
  • Analytics: Location and analytics as a network utility
  • Cloud: Leverages the public and private cloud
  • Automation: Software-defined automation and orchestration of services

Goals & Objectives

This workshop gives your organization the opportunity to better understand the considerations for building a network platform architecture that can deliver the digital services your organization will need to survive in the digitization era.


WWT can deliver on the architecture for the digital network by bringing together the right routing (software-defined WAN), switching and wireless (software-defined access), analytics, security and orchestration & automation technology for our customers.

WWT can also offer customers both on-prem and cloud deployment models to fit the organization’s needs for security and ease of manageability.